Le Penon and Chipirons

There are multitudes of beaches along the coast of Seignosse. Many are family-friendly, but be sure to ask the locals which ones to avoid (or to aim for, if one is so inclined) depending on whether you wish to avoid the naturalists on the nude beaches.

A kilometer or two down the road from Seignosse Surf Villa is Le Penon Beach. This is a family beach ideal for swimmers and surfers alike. On hot days, when the swell is up and cooking, one is sure to find all sorts of people whether they be tourists or locals enjoying the sun and the waves.

When you walk along the boardwalk through the dunes to enter the beach, an immense expanse of yellow sand stretches before you with tanned bodies scattered about and children jumping over waves along the shore.

Take a look to your left: The best tapas bar on the planet (okay, perhaps not the planet. But definitely the best tapas bar on the beach).

That’s where I’ll be!

The bar is equipped with bar stools and loungers where one can sit and enjoy an array of tapas and a glass of wine or beer (and, let’s be honest, being able to shamelessly day-drink in public and it be totally socially-acceptable while on holiday is a gift in itself). Chipirons (or grilled calamari, the local delicacy) are always on offer along with other tapas dishes like fish croquettes or onion rings. One truly feels like a king or queen lounging under the sun, stuffing one’s face with assorted snacks and sipping on a spritzer.

Take me back to Le Penon!