Diary From A Romantic Trip: An Escape to South West France

2020 – The year of Covid. The year of staying inside and isolating from all we want and care to do.

My partner and I planned an amazing trip to Seignosse, a charming little village on the west coast of France, for us and 20 of our friends. Slowly, because of visas or other travel restrictions, they all pulled out, leaving us as the only two still committed. We needed the break and a change of scene after months of staying at home and didn’t want our only holiday in the year to be cancelled. 

Luckily the place we booked, the stunning Seignosse Villa, allowed us to down-scale to a double room, as one booking is better than none. So, at the end of September we flew into Biarritz, hoping to catch the last bit of summer before the winter cold set in. After renting a car and a short 45 min drive from the Airport, we arrived at our accommodation and we were immediately entranced by how peaceful and tranquil the Villa is. It was nestled in the middle of a forest and made us feel like we were the only people around for miles. 


We quickly unpacked and went about creating a cheese and charcuterie board and settled down with a glass of Bordeaux wine that we got from the local supermarche and enjoyed the ambiance for the evening. Unfortunately for us the next few days were cold and raining, but that does not mean we did not do anything. 


We took long walks in the forest and on the beach, exploring the town of Hossegor and Capbreton. We discovered the many restaurants and café’s, wandered around the markets, shopprd at the many factory outlets and took the hour drive to Spain. These are just some of things we did between relaxing by the fire and unwinding. 


No trip to France is complete without mentioning the food.


We discovered a little restaurant called Le Napoli that is situated just off the main beach in Hossegor. This place is a two-in-one, boasting a family style pizza place below and a quirky tapas place on top with an open roof where you can eat overlooking the sea! A short walk from Le Napoli is the amazing and vibey square with plenty of cocktail bars, café’s, bars and clubs. Perfect for sundowners watching the sunset, getting a coffee and from what the locals told me, this is the hub of nightlife in the area. 


Another one of our favorite discoveries was the Oyster/ Prawn waterfront bars that perch along the side of Lac de Hossegor, a beautiful place to enjoy fresh seafood and delicious wine while overlooking the stunning Lake. The perfect place for watching the sunset.  


We were blessed with some sunny days, which consisted of lounging, swimming, and surfing on the massive beach just a 5 min walk from our house and again if you are hungry/ thirsty the little beach bars are a great place to relax and get some snacks while on the beach itself while reading and enjoying a good book. 

Being a bit of a history buff, we were taken aback by the old war bunkers on Capbreton beach, they are a sight to behold, sitting hauntingly as a reminder of another time. The modern addition of graffiti has turned them into a work of art. On the days we didn’t want to go to the beach, we also had the option of lounging by the tranquil pool at the house. We spent a few evenings after returning from the beach just sitting on the deck enjoying the silence of our surroundings and swimming in the pool.


We loved our trip away and after a week of absolute relaxation and exploring, it was time to say good bye, to reluctantly return to our busy lives. Luckily we were rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever was going to be thrown our way in these uncertain times.


However, in the back of our minds we are planning our next trip, day-dreaming about exploring more of the beautiful French South West.

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