Les Gorges de Kakuetta, Sainte-Engrace

At just over 1.6 km (1 mi) long, Les Gorges de Kakuetta provides visitors with a walk through a natural area featuring waterfalls, caves, and more.

Pass through the gorge on a boardwalk to see ferns, lichen, and other plants in a lush green setting alongside a meandering creek. Hike the entire length of the trail to be rewarded with a view of a waterfall. To plan ask Inspirock to design an itinerary.{1 hr 57 min ( 122.9 km ) via A6}

History & Architecture

La ville d’Hiver, Arcachon

Built for the wealthy, La ville d’Hiver is known for its charming Victorian architecture. In the 1860s, brothers Emile and Isaac Pereire took advantage of the public’s fondness for spas and bathing and created a resort town to cater to those needs. You can admire the architecture of the seaside neighborhood, as well as the gardens and forests surrounding it. Plan your visit to La ville d’Hiver and a wealth of other attractions, well-known and undiscovered, using our Arcachon travel route planner. {1 hr 53 min ( 166.1 km ) via A63 from Villa}

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