Wines and Armagnac

Wine farms at Bordeaux along the Landes coast , historic “chateaux”, lakes, mountains all create the perfect backdrop for exploring. For wine lovers there are a variety of wine farms and vineyards. Below you can find information on these wine farms and Vineyards.

Clos Lapeyre

This family farm was traditionally dedicated to mixed farming with livestock, small fruits and grapes which were taken to the local cooperative. From 1985 onwards, the estate was turned over exclusively to viticulture when Jean-Bernard Larrieu gave birth to Clos Lapeyre, farming his vines, fermenting his grapes, ageing his wines, bottling and then selling them. In 2000, the vineyard covered about 10 hectares and then in 2004 it grew when the magnificent, old vineyards of Domaine de Nays-Labassère were taken over, with an extra 7 hectares in the heart of Chapelle-de-Rousse. Clos Lapeyre offers their guest guided wine tasting tours of the vineyards as one of the many activities they offer, which include the Juranaconda wine trail which is a fun walk through the vineyard learning about the Juranaconda appellation and the owners who work for it. {1 hr 30 min ( 116.9 km ) via A64}


Domain de Le Tuilerie

Domaine de la Tuilerie is a small family estate located in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, a renowned terroir of the “fawn sands”. All their Armagnacs are distilled with a traditional hot still. In the distillery, you will get an explanation of the functioning of the still belonging to the estate. In the ageing cellar, evolutionary and commented tasting of different armagnacs can be found.



The Lihours took over Domaine Castera in 1895 and have been caring for the vineyard for five generations. Their ambition is to produce fresh and faithful wines from the Pyrenean Piedmont region. And therefore not to make wines that are universal, exuberant and devoid of identity. At Domain Castera you’re welcome to book a visit for the weekend by making an appointment on their website and get a tour of the vineyard located in the beautiful Jurançon. As well as enjoy a tasting of wines available at Domain Castera. Make an appointment by sending an email to    {1 hr 29 min ( 110.0 km ) via A64}


Domaine de Maouries

Domaine de Maouries has been a family business for four generations, managed today by Isabelle, Pascal, Philippe and Claire DUFAU. The vineyard extends over very stony hillsides facing due south, from which the four appellations of the Domaine generously benefit: A.O.C Madiran, Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, Saint Mont (the only independent property of the appellation) and I.G.P Côtes de Gascogne. This exceptional location offers pure gourmet and surprising wine. At Domaine de Maouries they offer guided tours of the Winery which include short walks in the vineyard and an explanation of the work process as well as testing of the range of wines at the Winery. {1 hr 44 min ( 148.1 km ) via A64}



Egiategia is the story of a winegrower from the South-West who takes the codes of winemaking to heart. Emmanuel is the first French winegrower to have raised his wine in underwater immersion. Egiategia offers guests a tour of the Vineyard as well as wine tasting of the wines made at Egiategia. {51 min ( 60.7 km ) via A63}

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